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User hyunbaw
Size 5g Fluval Chi without its filter/lights (10"L x 10"W x 12"H)
Date Started 01/2013
Lighting BeamWorks 11" LED Clip-on (9x1W LED's) 6500K
Equipment Hagen Elite Underwater Mini filter on it's Lowest flow setting.
CO2 Flourish Excel at recommended regimen (so far).
Substrate CaribSea Floramax (midnight/black) - about 6lbs/half bag. 1.5" front, sloped to 3" in back-right corner
Parameters No heater, 68-72F, Tap water (haven't tested the water yet).
Fertilization None yet
Plants Microswords, Crypt Parva, Java moss To get: Dwarf Hairgrass, Dwarf Sag, different moss? Temporary - Crypt (larger, don't know species, but grows well in ambient light in my other tank) Plans: Will remove most of the microswords in the front and just leave them on both sides of the driftwood. Put dwarf hairgrass in front with a path leading to little bridge (made by driftwood). May line/define the Path by using regular hairgrass or maybe the crypt parva? Dwarf sag in rear, maybe some stem plants.
Inhabitants One guppy fry
Comments Malaysian Driftwood x 1
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