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User prighello
Size 29 Gallons
Date Started Aug 2007
Lighting 20w T6 x 1 24w T5 x 2
Equipment Bio-wheel 200 100w Stealth Heater
CO2 Redsea Turbo
Substrate Flourite bottom layer with standard gravel on top.
Plants Anubias, java fern, java moss, Luwigia sp. Cuba, Luwigia sp. Guiena, dwarf hygros, rotala sp. pink, giant baby tears, glosso, amazon sword.
Inhabitants Amano x 2, Cherry barb x 3, clown loach x 1, t-bone rasbora x 4, black skirt tetra x 2, cory x 1, bolivian ram x 1, pleco x 1.
Comments My first attempt at a planted tank.
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would "giant baby tears" just be regular "adult tears"? haha awesome tank! it looks fantastic considering it's your first planted tank. you should cut some of the tall rotala in the back in half and plant the second stems ot make it fill out the back of your tank more.
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