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Size 10 gallon Remade (dead)
Date Started Started july/07, replanted sept/07
Lighting 2 compact flourescents in incandescent hood covered in tinfoil :P
Equipment XP1, intake modified to not suck in plants
CO2 hagen diy natural co2 system w/ outtake going to canister
Substrate aquarium green and black coated pebbles mixed in with Plant Success Flora Base
Parameters don't know, stopped measuring
Fertilization 4 ml trace every 2 days
Plants beats me :P need help identifying them
Inhabitants 6 cardinal tetras 3 peppered cories
Comments this set up has been scrapped due to a tank leak. upgraded to a 29 gallon
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Algae Grower
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That is only 10g?? Awesome!
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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dude. your my hero. i WISH my 10g looked like that! :P
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