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User dreamwallaby
Size 44 Gallon Pentagon
Date Started Dec 2011
Lighting T8 fluorescent, marineland double bright LED
Equipment eheim 2215 canister filter
CO2 none
Substrate gravel, very small almost sand and regular
Parameters 76pH, 74 degrees
Fertilization Flourish Comprehensive 2x/week, Flourish Excel 3x/week, seachem root tabs
Plants dwarf sag, java fern, java moss, amazon sword, marimo moss ball, wisteria, anacharis,
Inhabitants 2 fire belly toads, 1 firebelly newt, 3 neon tetras, 3 platies, 5 glowlight tetras, 5 cherry barbs, 4 burmese loaches, 2 dwarf gouramis, 2 otto cats, cherry shrimp
Comments 35 gallons of this tank is water, the upper part is an island for the toads and newt,
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