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eheim tank.jpg
User dreamwallaby
Size 9 Gallon Eheim Aquastyle
Date Started Jan 3 2013
Lighting LED came with tank
Equipment internal filter came with tank
CO2 none
Substrate fluorite
Parameters 74pH, 76 degrees,
Fertilization Flourish Comprehensive 1x/wk and Flourish Excel 3x/week
Plants microsword, marimo moss ball, wisteria, crypt usteriana, java moss wall
Inhabitants 2 scarlet badis, 6 endlers(class K), 1 golden spot rabbit snail, orange bee shrimp, blue pearl shrimp, fire red shrimp
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Pretty, for how long the tank was setup in the photo?
Algae Grower
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How is the Flourite working for you?
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