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User The Planted Geek
Size 25
Date Started 12.15.2012
Lighting #4 - 14w. Coralife T5 fluorescent bulbs and one 5w. LED blue and white strip w/ moon light
Equipment Eheim 2211 canister filter and a 100w. heater
CO2 1 L. ista CO2 tank and CO2 regulator with dual gauge, electronic solenoid valve running at 3 bps.
Substrate Seachem Fluorite Red
Parameters Ammonia-0, Nitrate-0, Nitrite-0-5, PH 6.2
Fertilization All Seachem products; Flourish once a week, aquavitro - premier twice a week, active twice a week and synthesis twice a week
Plants Italian Val., Dwarf Baby Tears, Anubias Nana Petite, Crypt Parva, Crypt Balansae and Wendtii (Bronze, Green and Red), Uruguayensis Sward, Crinium Calastratum, Kleiner Bar Sward, Dwarf Sagitaria
Inhabitants 2- Black Loaches, 4- Juilie Corys, 3- Honey Gouramis, Power Blue Gourami, Dwarf Gourami, 6- Cardinal Tetra, 2- Angels, Blue Ram, 3- Otocinclus and 2- Amano Shrimp
Comments I change out 25% of the water twice a week because the tank is over stocked and will be moving 1/2 of the livestock into a new aquarium soon.
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It's perfect! I love it!
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