Carissa 10g - Your Tanks
User Carissa
Size 10g
Date Started September 7, 2007
Lighting 23w florescent 6500k
Equipment corner filter
CO2 none
Substrate potting soil, gravel
Parameters fluctuating at the moment
Fertilization none
Plants Hygrophila, bacopa, ludwigia, water hyacinth
Inhabitants microscopic life and brown algae
Comments "El Natural" waiting till it's done cycling to add fish.
Profile Views 607
Mark F.
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Personally, I would've given this at least one more star than you got, especially considering that you have effectively achieved what you presumably set out to do: create a totally naturalistic (as opposed to landscaped) look. I'm not putting down the many incredibly beautiful tanks found elsewhere in this site, but this looks more like the bottom of an actual pond than just about any of the rest of them. How has it matured since you first posted? What kind of fish did you add? Count me genuinely interested!
Algae Grower
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Love the floating plants and the ambience of the aquarium. Mysterious! A+ ;D
Algae Grower
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Is that a clip-on light? What brand? I'm interested in clip-ons that are about that wattage.
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