Dudley 55 Gallon Marineland glass - Your Tanks
User Dudley
Size 55 Gallon Marineland glass
Date Started 1/5/2013
Lighting Fluval LED. 146 LEDs, 2800 lumens. 32W. Day: Ultra bright white LED lights replicate daylight. Night: intense blue moonlight.
Equipment Fluval 306 canister filter. Up to 303 GPH (US). Aqueon Pro 200 watt heater.
CO2 None...yet
Substrate Fluorite covered with Estes' Spectra Stone. Multiple blue: "blue jean".
Fertilization Bi weekly liquid Flourish by Seachem.
Plants Anacharis Eloda Egaria Aponogeton Undulatus  Water sprite (floating) Either Italian or jungle Val(how do you tell the difference?)
Inhabitants 3 golden grami 1 plecostimus 4 (striped) tiger barbs Added: Burmese Loach Yo Yo Loach 3 Marble Hatchet Fish 2 Kuhli Loach 6 Bleeding Heart Tetras 6 Long Fin Serpae Tetra Delfax Cory Puntatus Cory Rainbow Shark 3 Green/Bronze Cory 6-Red Micky Mouse Platy
Comments Nasty new tank green algae bloom going on now.
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