Aponogeton 60 Gallon Tall - Your Tanks
User Aponogeton
Size 60 Gallon Tall
Date Started 8-21-2012
Lighting 100 Watt LED Daylights 17 Watt RGB White transition light 5 Watt Blue Night light
Equipment JEBO 835 Canister Filter Whisper Power 3 Filter, change filters once a year, filter is on low just to keep one side of the tank's water tumbling.
CO2 No
Substrate Play Sand 1 - 1 3/4" depth.
Fertilization None
Plants Narrow Leaf Java Fern Trying to get some Dwarf Hairgrass to grow
Inhabitants Pearl Gourami Breeding Sword Tails Tire Track Eel Khuli Loach Malaysian Trumpet Snails to feed my GSP Puffer in my smaller tank and to sift the sand
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