RogueGeek 36Gal - Your Tanks
User RogueGeek
Size 36Gal
Date Started Jan 16 2013
Lighting Currently 1-20W fluorescent changing to 3 - 10W 6500K LED Lights (arriving soon)
Equipment Eheim 2215 Filter with DIY Spray bar
CO2 Yes, DIY
Substrate FloraMax Black
Plants Water Wisteria Red Fox Tail Java Fern Green Cryptocoryne Ludwigia repens Amazon Sword Dwarf Hairgrass
Inhabitants Red Wag Platy Sunburst Wag Platy Red Tiger Platy Black Neons Glow Light Tetras Tequila Sunrise Tuxedo Guppies Green Cobra Guppies Blonde Red Guppies Peppered Cory Cats
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