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User laffinlin
Size 18 Gallon
Date Started 2004
Lighting Aqualight 96 watt 6700K bulb
Equipment Eheim Ecco 2232 (2006) DIY Spraybar using external quietone 1200 pump (9/8/07)
CO2 Rex Grigg regulator with Ideal needle valve (7/2007) Comes on 1 hour before lights and off 1 hour before lights off.
Substrate Eco-complete
Parameters Using EI index
Fertilization Dose nitrates, potassium, and phos. 3 days 1/8, 1/32, and less than 1/32 respectively. Recently added seachem tabs to substate
Plants Hygorphila, Red Rubin Sword, Valls, Baby Tears, Java Fern, Water Wisteria
Inhabitants 7 neons, 3 golden tetras, 6 kuhli loaches, 1 yoyo loach
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Nice tank!
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