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User lostraindrop
Size 5 gallons
Date Started summer 2012
Lighting 1 CLF
Equipment Air pump
CO2 Excel
Substrate Flora Max
Fertilization Dosing Flourish Excel & AquaFertz Concentrate
Plants Dwarf Hairgrass, Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis, Ludwiga arcuate & some other random plants I dont know what they are called (please let me know if you do)
Inhabitants Black Mollies, Red Cherry Shrimps
Comments kind of put together really quick tank. want the carpeting plants to spread, but i may need a better source of CO2 to get it to go faster. Check out my other tank that I think I'm more proud of.
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Gud start, buddy! Try for a DIY CO2 set-up. That would b a real fun doing ur own and can save lot of money too.
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Your shrimp look great! nice job : )
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