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User born2lovefish
Size 75 gallons
Date Started Converted to live plants Julyish 07
Lighting 4 65 watt compacts, but only running the back 2 right now
Equipment Eheim 2227 wet/dry canister and Second Nature hang on the back. 2 100watt heaters.
CO2 20 pound tank with JBJ regulator and Jenco ph/orp controller. Glass difuser.
Substrate 50 pounds of black soilmaster select.
Parameters Ph 6.2 at night and drops to 5.6 during the day.
Fertilization Root stakes for the amazon swords
Plants Amazon swords, Java fern, and Dwarf sag.
Inhabitants One flying fox, two otos, six het. rasboras, 30 neon tetras, and hopefully adding discus down the road
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