Aqua07 7.9 Gallons - Your Tanks
User Aqua07
Size 7.9 Gallons
Date Started July 2012
Lighting 6500 Fluval fixture
Equipment Fluval Flora Nanotank
CO2 20oz Aquatek paintball
Substrate Fluval Stratum
Fertilization None yet - Seachem Flourish
Plants Samolus Parviflorus Ceratopteris Siliquosa Java Fern - Microsorium Pteropus Pygmy Sword - Echinodorus Tenellus Hygrophila Pantanal Wavy
Inhabitants 1 Guppy 2 Neon Tetras 1 Otto
Profile Views 7625
Algae Grower
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you shouldnt keep just 2 neons. they are kept 6+
Algae Grower
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Get a little more stock like the look. I wish the gf would let me pick up another tank I wanted to get the fluval plant one along with my shrimp.
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