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User TwoTanks
Size 3G
Date Started November 2005
Lighting None
Equipment None
CO2 None
Substrate Large PetCo rocks
Parameters Daily water change
Fertilization None
Plants Fake
Inhabitants 3 goldfish
Comments This was my girlfriend's old tank. I bought her 2 goldfish to keep her fish company. This was the tank that reinvigorated my interest in aquariums.
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too many goldfish! it's two gallons of water to every inch of small goldfish. it looks like you have at least five inches of fish. (that would be ten gallons if they weren't going to grow) even with daily water changes (which are stressful) the conditions can't be very good in there. either get a large well filtered tank (40 gallons min) or a shovel (and start digging a pond).
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^ Agreed!
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