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User nicklesh
Size 36.4 Gallons 30x14x20
Date Started 25th August 2007
Lighting Aqualina 30inch Power Compacts -2x24Watt Catalina 10000K Plantgrowth Tubes
Equipment 30x14x20 glass tank Atman EF2 Cannister Filter Aqua One 150Watt Heater
CO2 Red Sea CO2 Bio System - Timed With Lights
Substrate Standard Gravel
Parameters N/A
Fertilization Sera - Florena 5-10mls a week Aim to only keep plants that don't have any major root structure & able are to extract nutrients from leaves
Plants Java Fern, Anubis , Various Crypts, Vale & Hairgrass
Inhabitants Fish 10 Rummynose Tetra 4 Otocinclus Catfish
Comments Budget First Timer Planted Tank Also have a 150 Gallon Reef
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