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User greenmeanies
Size 29 gallon
Date Started November 2012
Lighting 18W T8 13W CFL
Equipment Aqueon 55/75G (400gph) with sponge prefilter, 50W heater.
CO2 none
Substrate Special Kitty capped with Fluval Stratum
Parameters pending
Fertilization no macro, no micro, Seachem Flourish Excel when I remember to add it
Plants dwarf hair grass, elodea / anarchis, bacopa, banana lily, hornwort, duckweed, anubias
Inhabitants Overstocked! Double red stripe / snake chest endlers (class N) colony, sunburst mickey mouse platy pair and fry, GLOfish (tm lol), otocinclus, red cherry shrimp, ramshorn and pond snails, and a female betta in time-out.
Comments This tank is halfway to Walstad. I give it two weeks or more between water changes, and overfeed my livestock. Zero ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate due to unknown combination of the kitty litter (binding the ammonia?), choice of plants (duckweed + hornwort + elodea), and lighting (16 on, 8 off 1WPG). No black beard or green hair algae yet after two months. Currently thinking about a new 10G to house some of the overflow livestock.
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