prichuprabha 31 us gallon - Your Tanks
User prichuprabha
Size 31 us gallon
Date Started october 2012
Lighting 2- t6 18 watts 1- t5 14 watts
Equipment internal filter 1nos
CO2 seachem flourish excel
Substrate chips
Parameters unknown
Fertilization aquasol micro nutrients 5ml twice a week 5 -6 root tabs
Plants anubias, amazon sword, green cabomba, java moss, cript, java fern
Inhabitants 1 torpedo barb 13 neon tetra 1 sucker fish 1 angel fish
Comments photo shows 2 white angel, which was replaced..
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Algae Grower
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Pretty clean tank! Clear glass!! But, I think you should plant more to make it look, Awsome..!
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