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Size 10 Gallon
Date Started July/07
Lighting Cheap incandescent hood with tin foil glued all over it, and bulbs replaced with flourescent full spectrum bulbs
Equipment penguin 125 (spill way current disrupted by plastic loop that contains the surface disruption to directly under the filter only)
CO2 Hagen CO2 Natural Plant System (release valve installed for night time shut off)
Substrate Plant Success Flora Base mixed with dark green and black gravel
Parameters 7.6 PH .1 mg/L nitrite ~.3 mg/L Ammonia 5 mg/L nitrate 120 mg/L GH (6.72gH°) 90 mg/L KH (~5kH°)
Fertilization none
Plants 1 Java Fern; Egeria Densa; Echinodoras Tenellus; Tonina fluviatilis; Unknown moss
Inhabitants 1 pleco; 4 male fancy guppies; 1 regular male guppy; 4 penguin tetras; 2 black neon Tetras; 3 peppered cories; 4 cardinal tetras; 5 amano shrimp
Comments This is is the second incarnation of my first planted tank. First incarnation consisted of bog plants sold as aquatic, thus ending in green water
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vry nice tank! what pleco sp. are you keeping?
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Nice tank.
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