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User Tdon1md
Size 30 Gallon
Date Started 6/22/07
Lighting 1 x 30Watt 10,000K 2 x 25Watt 6,700K Diy Hood
Equipment F305 w/ spray bar
CO2 Pressurized CO2 w/ Auto pH controler, DIY reactor via 2-1/2" PVC cyclone inline on the cannister on the return side.
Substrate Schultz Aquatic Plant Soil, 2-3" thick.
Parameters KH buffered to 4, pH set to 6.6 w/ CO2 on
Fertilization EI per Rex macro's 3x per week and Plantex micros's 3x per week
Plants Anubia, Amazon Sword, Java Fern, Glasso, Alternanthera reinkeii Lilacina, Moneywart, Hornwort, Corkscrew Val, Comboba, Rotala rotundifolia, Blyxa, Brazillian Pennywort, Java Moss, Bronze (Wendtii) Crypt, 2 others I can't ID
Inhabitants Platties, Tetras, and BREADING Guppies
Comments First attempt at a planted tank. Been keeping fish only tanks for about 4 years.
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