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User Sowilu
Size 29 gallons
Date Started 8-15-2007
Lighting For right now I have a 20W bulb but I will be updating.
Equipment Fluval MSF 304, heater (will be changing soon)
CO2 Hagen CO2 will be doing a DIY one
Substrate Tahitian Moon Sand will be adding Eco-Complete substrate
Fertilization Dose every week will cut back to every month though due to the amount of plants I have.
Plants 1 Java Fern 2 Vallisneria
Inhabitants 1 male Betta, 6 zebra danios, 3 long fin blue danios, 2 neon tetras, 2 albino cories, 2 peppered cories, an apple snail
Comments I will be updating constantly please check for updates.
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