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User dhuynh
Size 500 gallons
Date Started 8/18/2007
Lighting 8x54W Tek T5s, 2xVHO on Icecap 440 Ballast, LED Moon light
Equipment Custom Sump (RK2 Bin), BioWave Series 19 Pond Filter, 40W HO UV Sterilizer, 1/4 Pump to drive the BioWave, Jacuzzi Filament Filter on Sequence Barracuda Pump
CO2 NONE yet
Substrate 150lbs crushed red bricks, 8 bags of Kent Flourite, 16 bags of Eco-Complete
Parameters Still cycling
Fertilization NONE yet
Plants Tiger Lotus Lillies, Banana Plants, HC, some other plants i'm not sure of
Inhabitants NONE yet. Planning on discus and tetras
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Initial Plumbing and Equipment (Small).jpg
Algae Grower
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That tank is empty... sooooo wack. LOL
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This will be amazing!!!
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