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User csf
Size 75 AGA, drilled
Date Started 2003, moved 4 times since
Lighting 160W LEDs (16 x 10W, 1/2 cool white, 1/2 warm white, dimmable). Previously 4 x 55W CFs.
Equipment Filstar XP3 + Magnum 350 filtration. Peristaltic dosing w/ EI method. CO2 turbulence reactor + pH meter + pressurized CO2 tank.
CO2 Pressurized, active pH monitoring.
Substrate Flourite.
Parameters I don't test much.
Fertilization EI auto dosed daily w/ old phamacia 3 channel doser. GH mix + baking soda weekly w/ water changes.
Plants Anubias, java ferns, compact swords, tiger lotus, cardinalis, marsilea quadrifolia, etc. Varies.
Inhabitants Platy / Swordtail mixes, BN Plecos, gouramis, rasboras, snails.
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jose fadhel
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I like the jungle look
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Very Nice..
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Wowee that's a great looking tank.
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