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User vhnam0084
Size 60x30x36 cm
Date Started 27-11-2012
Lighting Odysea T5HO 2 x 24w 10.000K
Equipment DIY
CO2 2kg bottle
Substrate JBL Flopotol 300g New ADA Aquasoil 9L
Parameters pH: 6.5
Plants minitaiwan, brasil, Xmas and wepping moss. Ferns
Inhabitants Red Cherry Shrimp Asassin snails, nerites snails. Amano Shrimp Otto
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600192_558294457521320_1354060637_n.jpg IMAG1987.jpg
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Nice tank! What r the Floating plants called? How did u made them to float? Looks, there are some small pebbles on top of one of the plants, floatins.
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