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Size 29 gallon
Date Started 2004
Lighting 65 watt 6700k coralife and 1 20 watt GE 9325k bulb.
Equipment Standerd hang on tank heater, Aquatech HOB Filter.
CO2 Diy Co2- 4 x 2 liters and 1 x 1 liter. Co2 @30 ppm.
Substrate Pebble with a little flourite mixed in.
Parameters N/A
Fertilization Greg watson ferts. +/-1/4Tsp-KN03 3x a week +/-1/16+Tsp-KH2P04 3x aweek +/-1/16+Tsp K2S04 3x a week +/-5ml Trace 3x a week +/-1-2ml Fe/Iron 3x a week
Plants Red flame sword ECHINODORUS 'KLEINER BAR' ECHINODORUS PARVIFLORUS 'TROPICA' Amazon sword ( i know i will have to get rid of it at some point) ANUBIAS BARTERI VAR. BARTERI? Anubias barteri v. 'coffeefolia' Java fern Narrow leaf java fern MICROSORUM PTEROPUS 'WINDELÝV' CRYPTOCORYNE UNDULATA Ceratopteris thalictroides EGERIA DENSA HYGROPHILA POLYSPERMA HYGROPHILA POLYSPERMA 'SUNSET' LUDWIGIA REPENS x ? ROTALA ROTUNDIFOLIA Taiwan Moss
Inhabitants 5 black line rasbor, 3 yo yo's, 3 serpae tetras, 2 Apistogramma cacatuoides triple red pair , 1 albino bristle nose pleco.
Comments This tank has only been a real planted tank for about three years now. Before that it had plants that would just die and then i would keep buying more.
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I really like all the colors. Everything looks very healthy!
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