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User if_fishes_were_wishes
Size 55 gallon
Date Started Late June '07
Lighting Coralife compact fluorescent 2 x 65 watts Coralife T5 twin tube 2 x 26 watts
Equipment Magnum HOT, Aquaclear 300, Eheim Ecco 2236, 200 watt heater
CO2 none yet :)
Substrate White gravel (what was I thinking?) and eco complete on top
Fertilization Flourish, Excel and Iron per bottle instructions
Plants Anacharis, cabomba, amazon swords, anubias nana, water wisteria, ludwigia repens
Inhabitants 5 congo tetras, 5 checkered rainbows, 5 rosy barbs, 4 cardinals, pair of pearl gouramis, pair of blue rams, 4 leopard corys, 6 ottos
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Algae Grower
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Great looking tank. It is nice to know that a lot can be accomplished without pressurized CO2.
Planted Tank Guru
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I really like that wood bridge and the dip in the substrate, very friendly feel. Agreed, nice results without CO2.
Honky Magoo
Algae Grower
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Very nice. Inspiring, Even. Im about to step up to 160 wpg and I hope I can have some similar results.
Algae Grower
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Beautiful swords!
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