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User schotterhuber
Size 172 Gallons = 650 litre, freshwater
Date Started 1989
Lighting Lum Light Daylightsimulater with Lum Light: Aqua Styl Light RBG + 1 x warm white + 1 x cool white Lengh W LUMEN 1x 825 mm 20 1800 Aqua LED Styl Light 1 x warm white, 2 x cool white Lengh W LUMEN 2x 1125mm 20 1800 Aqua LED Styl Light 3 x warm white Lengh W LUMEN 1x 1125mm 20 1800 Nightlight: 2x Blue Light LED
Equipment Groundheater, Back to Nature Background, insidefiltre
CO2 JBL Taifun, 2x 7 kg bottles
Substrate brown gravel, red lava, red shale, 13 driftwoods
Parameters 2m long x 0,7 x 0,5, 25, PH. 6,8
Fertilization For Plants: Easy Carbo, Easy Pro Vito For Freshwater: Sera Blackwater Aquatan
Plants Aponogeton, crinon, cryptocorine, echinodorus, Mangroves
Inhabitants Siamese Fighting Fish, Serpae Tetra, Cardinal Tetra, Pearl Gourami, German Blue Ram, Electic Blue Ram, Banded Dwarf Cichlid Red Fin, Angelfish Clown Loach, Chained Loach, Angel catfish, Perugia's Woodcat, Galaxy Woodcat
Comments Inter Ryba: Star Artemia Flakes Inter Ryba: Star Spirulina Flakes JBL: Grana-Discus
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