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User mentolis
Size 35x30x30 cm
Date Started 10.10.2012
Lighting 3x 8 watt T4
Equipment hang on filter with a sponge on intake
CO2 paintball bottle with aquatek mini regulator
Substrate caribbean sea sand
Parameters ph 8, gh 10-11, kh 7, amonia 0
Fertilization none
Plants java and xmass moss, riccia fluitans
Inhabitants 3 assassin snails, 6 red cherry shrimp and now plenty of shrimplets
Comments got white worms (thin and long, flat and short), also got some very tiny brown bugs in there (many) and dont know what they are. gonna upload a picture maybe some one knows.
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Mark F.
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Offhand, I'm guessing the "bugs" & "worms" are euglenids and hydras, though would have to see future photos to tell for sure. Probably harmless ... and if you got a pygmy sunfish, dario, or betta in there, they'd be toast!
Algae Grower
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no fish there just shrimp :) i know fish would eat shrimplets as well. i will upload a picture of the liitle bug. thanks
Algae Grower
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if u see the last picture just above the shrimp there is a little brown thing and if u zoom in the picture u can see them little legs. those are the bugs. also i think i will get 40g tank and change this one. just dont know if i could keep neons and dwarf pencil fish coz i want to have a big colony. thanks
Algae Grower
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What is growing vertically on the left and how did you do that?
Algae Grower
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i was tryng to do a moss wall. didnt work out.

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