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User Bree
Size 5 Gallons.
Date Started -
Lighting 15 watt CFL bulb with regular desk lamp.
Equipment Red sea nano HOB filter. Cheap 50 watt heater.
CO2 Hagen natural plant system.
Substrate 3/4 Fluval Plant stratum mixed with 1/4 Shrimp stratum. 2" along whole bottom.
Parameters Never really test.
Fertilization Seachem excel and comprehensive one every while.
Plants Rotala Indica, Dwarf sag, banana plants, moss ball, etc.
Inhabitants Yellow crowntail betta, dozen adult Painted red shrimp- most female, 3 amano shrimp, 1 unknown cross shrimp, 2 nerite snails, 1 lonely adult African dwarf frog and 5 male guppies for colour and entertainment for the betta.
Comments Set this tank up forever ago and just keep playing around with it. I know its way over stocked but everything seems fine with it all quite lively and healthy. Even with the 2" ADF in there my shrimp keep breeding and i don't see any disappearing which is nice. :) Will be adding more photos as i change it around, and sorry for the horrible quality of pictures!!
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