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User bigbassbob
Size 55 gallon
Date Started Jan of '12
Lighting 2, 24 inch standard single bulb Aqueon fluorescent hoods.
Equipment Homemade custom overflow with sump filtration. Heater and aerator in sump
CO2 None
Substrate Standard black and multicolor gravel.
Fertilization none
Plants 2 aponogeton newly sprouted bulbs, two onion bulbs, 3 lily bulbs (not sprouted) and several bunches of something the pet store recommended ( I can't remember what it is but it came in a tube)
Inhabitants 3 Mickey mouse mollies, 3 red wag mollies, 1 lair tail molly, 2 green corydoras, 7 high fin tetra, 1 red eye tetra, 4 tiger barbs, 1 pleco, 4 black snails, 2 long ear sunfish.
Comments This tank is a work in progress. I will be doing a complete tear down and rebuild with more plants and better substrate.
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