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User General Tso
Size 5.5 AGA
Date Started 8/01/07
Lighting 2 Lights of America 6500k 20 watt screw in compact fluorescent
Equipment Penguin mini run with Aqua clear sponge and bio max 25 Visitherm stealth heater
CO2 DIY 2 liter w premiere curvee yeast with gas separator and glass diffuser
Substrate plain black gravel
Fertilization PPS pro system using flourish for micros
Plants Flame moss (Taxiphyllum species) Hemianthus callitrichoides Hemianthus micranthemoides
Inhabitants approximately 30 red cherry shrimp 5 celestial pearl danios (a gift from my brother)
Comments Pictures to come shortly Tank has been running for 2 years and I just rescaped it.
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I bet this will be really nice when it grows out.
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