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User essabee
Size 72"L, 36"W, 24"H
Date Started Revamped on 15 March 2007
Lighting 3X 150W 10000K MH 5X 40W Philips true light Direct Sunlight from Sun-up +1hr. to 10am local time.
Equipment UGF with power-heads total effective GPH 250
Substrate Virgin lateritic clay screened from lateritic nodules 2:1silty sand+gypsum+tri-calciumphosphate, covered with lateritic nodules and sand.
Parameters Ph 6.7
Fertilization PMDD + micro DIY
Plants Bacopas, Vals, Ludwigas, Cabombas, Amazons, M. Lace, Onion, Anubias, Java-ferns, Dwarf sag, Crypts, W.Sprite, Rotala, Hygrophyllas.
Inhabitants Tetras, Barbs, Rainbows, Kulhis, Pleco, Minnows, Danios.
Comments Aquarium is built into Eastern wall the rest outside the room on the terrace, and under a 3' roof projection.
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Geoff C
Algae Grower
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wow very nice
Carla G
Junior Member
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I like that the tank looks thickly planted but there is a big clear area at the front for the fish to swim in the open.
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Very nice, I would like to know more about how your are doing diy CO2 for such a big tank. Michel.
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