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User CrazyMidwesterner
Size 75 Gallons
Date Started 02-01-07
Lighting 4 40 Watt T-12's 6500K
Equipment Rena XP 3, 2 Penguin 550 powerhead
CO2 Ovedose Excel 1.5 to 2 times reccomended amount.
Substrate Soilmaster Select
Fertilization 1/4 tps Seachem Equilibrium at WC, 1/4 tsp KNO3 Bi-Weekly, 1/8 tsp KH2PO4 Bi-Weekly, 6 Mls Tropica Plant Nutrition Bi-Weekly, Seachem Excel 1.5 to 2 times reccomended dosage.
Plants Wisteria, Watersprite, Giant Hygro, Asst. Crypts, Rotala rotundafolia, Ludwigia Repens, Brazilian Pennywort, Moneywort, Pearl grass, Java Moss, Ozelot swords, Anubias Nana,
Inhabitants 15ish Neon Tetras, 2 SAE or flying foxes not sure which, 1 Bull Dog Pleco, 3 ottos, 2 skunk loaches, Malaysian trumpet snails, lots of cherry shrimp,
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I like this. It's different from most of the other top rated tanks on here but still holds it's own. Nice!
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