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User Rawkout
Size 29 Gallon
Date Started December 2012
Lighting Marineland Aquatic Plant LED (24" 2240 lumens)
Equipment Aquaclear 50 HOB filter, Cascade 700 canister filter, Hydor Koralia 240gph, Marineland 200w heater, Tetra airstone
CO2 Fluval 88g CO2 system... (upgrading to Aquatek mini/paintball setup)
Substrate 3" Eco-complete
Fertilization Flourish, Excel
Plants Anubias, Baraclaya, Crypts, Java, Moss ball, Swords, Water Sprite, Wisteria
Inhabitants 10 Neon Tetras, 5 Balloon Red Eye Tetras, 4 Zebra Danios, 3 Otocinclus, 3 Albino Corys, 1 Pearl Gourami, 4 Bamboo shrimp, 6 Ghost shrimp, 3 Nerite snails
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Pictures taken with a potato
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Potato. Lol. Nice tank.
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