masYPSI 75g - Your Tanks
User masYPSI
Size 75g
Date Started October '06
Lighting 3 t-5 strips, 5 28w 10,000k and 1 actinic bulbs, lights are on for 11hours but only 5 with full light.
Equipment Eheim 2217, All-glass 250w heater
CO2 none
Substrate Soilmaster Select Charcol
Parameters 74degF, 6.8pH,
Fertilization Flourish, excel, iron
Plants 5 Martii swords, 1 narrow leaf sword, Ludwiga repens, Rotala roundfolia, Rotala goias, Rotala macrandra, crispus, 5 crypto wentiis, 2 Java ferns, Java moss, Penny wort, Giant hygro,
Inhabitants 4 Red Phantoms, 3 Black Phantoms, 20 White Clouds, 2 Jilidochromis marleiri, 1 farowella, 3 Ottos, mts's, Rams, 15 ghost shrimp
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