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User Cinbos
Size 55 Gallon
Date Started Sept, 25th 2012
Lighting 4 T8 Light ShopLight, 48" 6,500K Daylight Bulbs
Equipment Eheim 2215, Marineland C-360, and Fluval 200 Watt Heater
CO2 2 2 Lite DIY Co2 Bottles
Substrate Dolomote and Muriate of Potash as base coat, then Flormax Substrate, capped with Pool Filter Sand.
Parameters 83-84 Degrees F, 7.2 PH, GH is Soft-medium hard
Fertilization Dry Ferts, Flourish, Root Tabs, and Clay Balls.
Plants 3 Anubias Barteri 1 Anubias Petite Nanas Chain Swords 2 Lutea Wendtti Bronze and Red Spiralis Rotala Indica Melon Sword Mayaca Cardamine Frogbit Dwarf Sag Scattered Java Moss
Inhabitants 3 Oto Catfish 5 German Blue Rams 1 Bolivian Ram 1 3" Super Red BN Plecos 9 Bloodfin Tetras 1 Mystery Snal
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