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User antriv251
Size 6 Gallons
Date Started 1/5/12
Lighting -Powerful and efficient 21 LED lighting system -7600K high luminosity LEDs -3 Position On/Off switch: Bright Daytime, Deep Blue Nighttime and Off
Equipment -fluval edge, standard hob filter -fluval compact aquarium heater (25 Watt)
CO2 Not yet
Substrate Aztec Bronze Aquarium Gravel
Parameters good.
Fertilization not yet
Plants 1- Cryptocoryne wendtii 1- Anubias congensis (waiting on more)
Inhabitants 1-Male Betta crown-tail
Comments New to planted tanks. Would love advice on other fish to put in and plants
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Algae Grower
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Petite anubias on a piece of wood is an easy start. It is easy to grow and it is more tolerant than most plants. For a small tank I recommend the petite variety. A thin line of vallisneria nana or vallisneria americana across the back gives you a background that you can trim or let it grow out. Google these two and others to see what you like. Sometimes it takes months to grow it out the way you like so be patient and have fun with it. It looks like you are already creative.
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