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User bpimm
Size 2
Date Started 6/2006
Lighting 35 Watt 4700K Halogen
Equipment All DIY, Stand with internal sump holding heater, C02 reactor and circulation pump.
CO2 Pressure system
Substrate Soil covered with black sand
Parameters I don't test
Fertilization none, other than the soil
Plants Anubias nana Petite, HC, narrow leaf Java fern and 1 unknown Crypt.
Inhabitants A pair of Guppy's 2 dwarf cories, 2 otto's and 1 cherry shrimp.
Comments This tank is also on a continuous drip water change system
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A Hill
Planted Tank Guru
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Unique scape. Looks very good! Hard to tell details with such a small picture.
Larry Grenier
Planted Member
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Very cool use of a very small tank!
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