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User Ukrainetz
Size 29 Gallon
Date Started 2005
Lighting 75W VHO, 20W NO for 10 hours
Equipment Fluval 204, 250 Watt EboJager Heater, MaxiJet powerhead
CO2 DIY 2 Juice Bottles, Nutrafin co2 Ladder under the powerhead
Substrate Layer of fine river rocks with fluorite on top
Parameters ph:6.8 gh:8 kh:3 temp:75
Fertilization Seachem Flourish, Excel, Iron, Potassium.
Plants Annubia, Moneywort, Giant Hairgrass, Micro Swords, Amazon sword, hairgrass, moss ball
Inhabitants red tailed sharks, farlowella, sae's, ottos, neons, cardinals, rummynose tetras, iridescent sharks, bushynose pleco, common pleco, scissor tails, corydoras, glass shrimp
Comments still a work in progress (looking for that time)
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