inclament 45-50 - Your Tanks
User inclament
Size 45-50
Date Started ???
Lighting 2 flourescent fixtures
Equipment 2 hanging filters, heater, thermometer
CO2 none
Substrate gravel/sand mix
Fertilization root tabs
Plants Amazon sword, vallisneria, 2 types of Crinum, Bolbitis, java fern, Anubias ?nana?, A. lanceolata, A. coffefolia, A. frazeri, C. wenditii, C. ?usteriana?
Inhabitants Polypterus delhezi, bristlenose plec, 2 electric blue acaras, 2 blue and red columbian tetras
Comments Tank has been in constant flux with life the way it is right now, a friend drops off oddball fish for it occasionally and I don't turn down free fish, I'd also like to dirt this tank if the new setup I'm doing works, so this journal kinda pointless... I won't update it enough probably. But check out my octopus! Made it myself. The thing is hollow inside with openings on either side of "head" and tunnel through middle, that connects to cavity in "head". cichlids claim it as their home and the polypterus likes swimming through it. Actually if anyone would be interested in custom tank sculpture just let me know, we can hash out details!
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Cool! I want that octopus!
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