inclament 20 gal - Your Tanks
User inclament
Size 20 gal
Date Started 1/1/2012
Lighting 1 Fluorescent
Equipment heater, aquaclear filter, thermometer
CO2 no
Substrate ada aquasoil
Plants Lagenandra nairii, C. parva, C. pygmaea, C. pontederiifolia, Anubis nana, trifoliate java fern. Dwarf Sagittarius, etc.
Inhabitants Blue pearl shrimp, not many, oto, long fin albino bristlenose.
Comments Not at all sure if these crypt species are correct, and the shrimp have just been introduced, Pleco is very small. First time tank w aquasoil, that stuff was hard to control for like the first year! Not fluxing now, I hope.
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