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User benjadeed
Size 550gallons 8f X3f X3f ---- ( 96" X 36" X 36")
Date Started January 2007
Lighting 3 X 450 watt GE metal Halide Bulbs
Equipment 3 X EHEIM 2217 external filter.
CO2 25 Lb refillable CO2 Cylinder. wit a glass diffuser. 9-10 bps.
Substrate 20% Red soil, 15% clay sand, and 65% of fine sand granules.
Parameters Ph 6.5 25-29 Celcius
Fertilization Red sand and clay sand is a good mixture for plants to grow fast.....(but must provide ample CO2 for good plant Growth)
Plants Assorted Plants
Inhabitants Albino Bunoes Aires Tetra, red eye tetra, zebra tetra, Pearl Gourami, Flame Gourami, Honey Gourami, Clown Loach, Siamese algae eater.
Comments Hueg tank. requires a lot of dedication.
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I wonder how much your electric bill is lol
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That is one big aquarium!
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