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User GIO590
Size 55
Date Started 1/10/04
Lighting 2 15 watt flourescents
Equipment 55 Gallon: AT power filter 200 watt heater AT air pump
Substrate Just colored rocks
Parameters Ideal until I went to college then they turned into crap
Plants Plastic
Inhabitants Current 20+ different tetras and barbs 1 striped rapheal Past: 1 Huge (11 inch) Oscar 20 or so goldfish a common pleco and 3 crawfish
Comments non planted tank. Extreme low maintenance tank. Used to be an oscar tank. _I miss my Oscar RIP
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Mark F.
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Well ... even though your entry doesn't have much to do with this site (planted tanks), I can understand your wanting to share this pic - that's a beautiful, healthy-looking oscar. I'd miss it too!
Algae Grower
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Let's see your other fish and plants. Sorry about your loss, he was a beauty!
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