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User flourophore4
Size 5.5
Date Started 12/3/2012
Lighting Custom LED Fixture - 12" Heatsink 5x CREE Cool Whites 2x CREE Royal Blues 2x CREE Warm Whites
Equipment internal filter: 48gph pump pulling through activated carbon, foam mesh, and biotubes
CO2 DIY CO2 - Switching over to a paintball DIY setup on 1/4/2012
Substrate 1/2" Eco-complete, 1" Miracle Gro Organic Potting soil, 1" Eco-complete cap
Parameters Essentially no Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrites. Hard Water, 6.9 pH, 77 degrees F
Fertilization Flourish Iron, Flourish, Excel (3x/week)
Plants 3x Purple Cabomba 3x Dwarf Hairgrass 1x Dwarf Baby Tears 2x Java Moss 2x Java Fern 1x Anubias nana 1x Rotala nanjenshan 1x Micro Swords
Inhabitants 1x Tangerine Shrimp 3x Red Cherry Shrimp 2x Tangerine Tiger Shrimp 5x Crystal Red Shrimp 4x Neon Tetra 1x Tiger Blood Nerita Snail
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really nice tank
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LOVE your shrimp :)
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