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User joey24dirt
Size 14 Gallon
Date Started 2010
Lighting 2 x 15w CFL soon to be upgraded to 20w
Equipment Fish Box bow front tank Hagen 106 external filter
CO2 Home-made 500gram Pressurised system with bubble counter and glass diffuser Fluval CO2 checker
Substrate Sand
Parameters pH 6.5
Fertilization Root tabs and pills Weekly liquid ferts
Plants Hairgrass, Glosso, Cryptocoryne, Java moss and a few moss balls
Inhabitants Serpae tetras, Black neon tetras, Odessa barbs, Bronze cory, Albino cory, Leopard cory, Panda cory, Clown plec, Assassin snails and a few other singletons
Comments Still waiting for new planted Glossostigma to grow in and form a carpet. Upgraded lighting should help
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