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User mroberte
Size 25 gallons
Date Started January 2, 2013
Lighting T5 Lamps
Equipment Filtration: 2000 L/H Heater: 300W
CO2 Electric Generator
Substrate Floramax Premium
Parameters 70.1x 6 x 23.6"
Plants Freshwater
Inhabitants Malaysian Trumpet Snails Assassin Snails Red Cherry Shrimps (eaten) Albino Corys (passed) Speckled corys Skirt Tetra Lamp Eye Tetra Electric Yellow Labidochromis Rubber Lip Pleco Zebra Danios
Comments This is the Aquavista Wall Mounted Panoramic 1780P First one shipped had cracked glass. Replacement received 01/02/13 Tank is now up and has roughly 13 fish 6 different types and snails. Plants are growing like crazy. This tank is beautiful but really limited. You can't get fish too small, and not too large (4-5 inches max) and they have to be strong swimmers to deal with the pumps. I'm having an algae problem, but recently purchased a Rubber Lip Pleco to hopefully help since I can't really put much else in there with the cichlids.
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