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User majorwoo
Size 65 gallons
Date Started 17 December 2012
Lighting DIY 2x 13w (60w equiv) CFL 6700K DIY 2x 22w (100w equiv) CFL 6700K
Equipment Eheim 2217 Canister filter
CO2 Flourish Excel
Substrate 60 lbs Flourite Black Sand
Parameters Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 5, PH 6.8, Alkalinity 4, GH 15, Temp 77F
Fertilization +/- 1/2 tsp KN03 3x a week +/- 1/8 tsp KH2P04 3x a week +/- 1/8 tsp (20ml) Trace Elements 3x a week 50% weekly water change
Plants Compacta Sword, Amazon Sword, Wisteria, Sagittaria, Dwarf Hairgrass, Filigree Frill
Inhabitants 4x Baloon Molly, 1x Sailfin Molly, 1x Lyretail Molly, 3x Molly, 4x Yoyo Loach, 4x Otto's, 6x Neon Tetra, ?? Ghost Shrimp, ?? Malaysian Trumpet Snail
Comments Shut down in May 2013 when I upgraded to my new 180
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Simple & nice setup! How did u made this DIY lighting? Could u mail me the details?! I've a 65 gallon, and I want to try this DIY lighting stuff.. My mail id:
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