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User majorwoo
Size 55 gallons (36
Date Started 17 December 2012
Lighting DIY 4x 13w CFL 6700K
Equipment Eheim 2217 Canister filter
CO2 None injected, currently experimenting with Flourish Excel
Substrate 60 lbs Flourite Black Sand
Parameters Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 0, PH 7.6, Alkalinity 7, GH 10, Temp 78F
Fertilization AquaVitro line, deciding how much of the line I intend to use
Plants Compacta Sword, Amazon Sword, Wisteria, Sagittaria
Inhabitants 2x Baloon Molly, 2x Sailfin Molly, 4x Yoyo Loach
Comments Very much in a state of flux, as I am learning as I go. Still underplanted as I decided what I want/what I can grow. Somewhat cloudy as the Flourite was just added.
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Simple & nice setup! How did u made this DIY lighting? Could u mail me the details?! I've a 65 gallon, and I want to try this DIY lighting stuff.. My mail id:
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