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User Bree
Size 45 gallons
Date Started January 2012
Lighting Changes...
Equipment Various...
CO2 None...
Substrate Seachem black sand.
Parameters Don't test...
Fertilization Don't fertilize...
Plants Anubias, swords, crypts, java fern.
Inhabitants Angelfish, various rainbowfish, harlquin raspboras, mated albino BN plecos, etc.
Comments This picture i have provided it very old, will get a more recent shot shortly. :)
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Algae Grower
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I love your tank. How do you do it without CO2? Are you using the Walstad Method or some other routine? Sorry for all the questions but I'm planning on setting up a 75 gallon someday and I'm torn between high or low tech. I love the lushness of the high tech tanks but my schedule is hectic and I worry about keeping up with the maintenance demands of a high tech tank. Most low tech tanks I've seen do not look as nice as yours so this is why I ask? You have the lush factor it seems without the CO2. Great tank and love the Angels.
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Splendid, larger pic please!
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