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User ses601
Size 75
Date Started 12/7/12
Lighting standard, single 4ft fluorescent
Equipment top fin tank/stand, biowheel emperor filter, aqueon heater
CO2 none
Substrate natural fine gravel
Parameters never know, never will :)
Fertilization fish waste
Plants floating wisteria & hornwort
Inhabitants 1 fire eel, 1 raphael cat, 1 rubber mouth pleco, 1 very lucky ex-feeder, 1 dalmatian molly, 20 lamp eye tetra, 20 black skirt tetra, unknown amount of ghost shrimp
Profile Views 441
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so, i made some changes after falling upon this little forum :) added some malaysian drift wood, removed peacock bass (began to terrorize his fire eel tankmate), added some floating plants, etc. the plan is to slowly add whatever awesome fauna i come across in my LFS travels :) long story short - my "just big enough for a juvie bass" 75 gallon is now going to be a mini monster ecosystem!!!
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